What is My Home Worth?

What is my home worth? I get asked that a lot from people that I meet. I usually try to give ballpark answers, but it is really hard to do without seeing the comparable sales for neighborhood, accessing updates, analyzing market trends, and being able to understand the local market. Sure you can go to Zillow and see what their Zestimate is, but would you rather a computer use information that it finds on the internet which may or may not be accurate, or someone with an understanding of the market and that can assess in much greater detail. Zillow has been sued several times for creating “roadblocks” to those trying to sell their homes with low or inaccurate Zestimates.

One of my favorite parts of real estate is having an understanding of how my home value changes every several months. I have searches set up on my neighborhood and zip code so I can see what the market is doing, help feel like I am informed, and have an understanding of what sorts of updates and features buyers in my area are looking for.

If you want to be informed about your neighborhood like I am please contact me! I can have you setup on an automated email that will give you all of this information and help for you to feel like you are knowledgeable about your neighborhood! If you are curious what your home may be worth in this market, I can also do some research, send your some comparable sales, and give you a professional’s opinion about price, not just some logarithm using public data.

Contact me if you would like this FREE analysis, I would love to help you and your family!

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