Valentine’s Giveaway!

It is so hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is next week! There is no worse feeling in life than being that sucker that is at CVS at 5pm on Valentine’s Day with all of the other men trying to find a $5 card that really doesn’t even say anything you would ever come up with, not to mention trying to find flowers that aren’t half dead since you waited too long.

I am gonna help you out! I am giving away a really sweet Valentine’s Giveaway. One lucky couple will get a $100 Tolon Gift Card and a reservation at 6pm on Valentine’s Day!

To be entered to win, simply LIKE & SHARE my Facebook post. For a bonus entry you can comment on this blog with your worst Valentine’s Day memory or fill out the form below. Let’s hear about that stuffed animal your boyfriend got you in college, or that one time your date took you to a sketchy restaurant! The winner will be announced on Monday February 11th on my Facebook page.

Rules: 1 entry per person via Facebook, and bonus entries for sharing on this page and for filling out the form below. By filling out the form below you are signing up for the occasional email (like at most a few times a month) and for opportunities for exclusive giveaways!

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7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Giveaway!”

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