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Fort Wayne is still a HOT Market!

I previously wrote about Fort Wayne being one of the hottest markets in the United States. You can read that article here. A recent article on has ranked the 46815 zip code in Fort Wayne as the 17th hottest zip code in the country. They have several metrics for what makes a zip code a "hot" zip code. They include: relative affordability, shares of millennials, millennial ownership rates, job...

Fort Wayne Riverfront Development

Fort Wayne owes a lot of its history and heritage to the three rivers that flow through our wonderful city. It is certainly exciting to see new development and plans that highlight and celebrate our riverfront! So many people in Fort Wayne don’t have any interaction with our rivers and I am glad there is a push to change that. Last summer my wife and I took a few kayak trips and we utilized the free...

Is Fort Wayne A Top City for Millennials?

What do cities like Denver, Austin, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Madison, and Fort Wayne have in common? If you guessed a Trader Joe’s then you are wrong. Really, why doesn’t Fort Wayne have a Trader Joe’s yet?! What they do have in common is that they are all rated Top 150 Cities for Millennials in the United States from the website Fort Wayne was ranked number 31,...

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