Is Fort Wayne A Top City for Millennials?

What do cities like Denver, Austin, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Madison, and Fort Wayne have in common? If you guessed a Trader Joe’s then you are wrong. Really, why doesn’t Fort Wayne have a Trader Joe’s yet?! What they do have in common is that they are all rated Top 150 Cities for Millennials in the United States from the website Fort Wayne was ranked number 31, ahead of cities like Columbus Ohio, Nashville, Boulder, and Washington D.C. I was shocked by those results, but David Chen uses several key metrics for this determination. He measured unemployment rate, percentage of residents within the age of 25-34, cost of living, future job growth, transportation costs, and crime and safety.  He used data from the United States Department of Labor, U.S Census Bureau, H&T index, and the FBI crime data to analyze and gather data to weigh each city.

I have been impressed with Fort Wayne’s growth and strides to make our city something to be proud of. There are extensive downtown development plans, new restaurants, coffee houses, and a culture that is brewing downtown. It is really an exciting time and it is encouraging to see such a revival happening in our city.

If you are a millennial, what are some things that Fort Wayne has done that have been encouraging to you, and what would you like to see in the future? Respond in the comments below.

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