Fort Wayne Development Update

I feel like I say this every time I write a blog about Fort Wayne, but there is some exciting things happening in our city! There are significant updates and monumental efforts being placed into revitalizing our downtown! You can read about it on previous blogs of mine. We have the abandoned GE campus being redeveloped, the Riverfront Fort Wayne initiative, and several other development projects around downtown are continuing through the winter. You can read about some of the other projects on

I am most excited about some of the recognition that Fort Wayne is getting from around the country. We all know what makes Fort Wayne so great! We love our affordable neighborhoods, the friendly Midwest culture, family activities, great restaurants, and so much more! Shibani Mahtani wrote a great article about Fort Wayne in the Wall Street Journal. She did a fantastic job highlight some of the work that developers and Fort Wayne is doing to repurpose the GE complex into loft apartments, incubator office space for startups, and a food hall. She writes, “Fort Wayne’s downtown has new loft buildings, condominiums, farm-to-table restaurants and coffee shops, and its downtown population has grown by 14% from 2000 to 2017, compared with 5% for Fort Wayne as a whole.” 

Of all the developments and stuff being built downtown what are you most excited about? Comment below.


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