Best Place to Live in Indiana

If you are at all familiar with Fort Wayne you know that our housing is affordable. It is one of the most affordable cities in the country. One of the best parts about living in Fort Wayne is how accessible affordable housing is. It allows many young families, young professionals, and many others to be able to live the American dream and own a home. Owning a home is an amazing privilege that brings pride, ownership, responsibility, and stability.

Recently Business Insider ranked Fort Wayne as the Best Place to Live in Indiana. They noted “This Midwestern city has the lowest cost of living in America, ahead of cities like Topeka, Kansas, and Toledo, Ohio,¬†according to Niche. Fort Wayne residents love the city’s easy access to both big-city amenities like a thriving nightlife and family-friendly offerings like the local children’s zoo.”

It is encouraging that Fort Wayne has been receiving more and more national recognition for our city’s development, affordability, and momentum. Fort Wayne has received national attention as the Best Place to Raise A Family, a Top City for Millenials, one of the Hottest Real Estate markets in the country, and a downtown that is thriving and growing with new developments, new restaurants, and so much more!

If you are moving to Fort Wayne, or if you are looking to be a home owner I would love the chance to help you and your family out! Contact me today to learn more about the process, how I can provide expert advice, and help you get into a home of your own!

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